Chaparrosa Ranch

The Chaparrosa Ranch is located in the Southwestern part of the South Texas Plains near La Pryor and is well known for its wildlife, hunting, ranching, and farming operations. The name Chaparrosa comes from the Spanish word for Scrub Oak referring to the abundant brush cover. For several decades now, Beefmaster cattle and AQHA Quarter Horses have been wearing the Flying B Brand, and display superior quality, confirmation, and genetics. Some of the best White Tail Deer in Texas can be found on the Chaparrosa, and there are numerous hunting and fishing opportunities throughout the year for sportsmen to come and experience for themselves. Chaparrosa’s La Paloma Lodge is a great place to bring your friends and family for a weekend of fun and adventure in the South Texas Brush Country.


Contact Chaparrosa Ranch

JR Ramirez, General Manager:
Phone: 830-365-4422